The Chumash Enjoyed Agoura Hills for 10,000 Years

Based in Agoura Hills, California, Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. has served the residents of California from this prosperous city in Los Angeles County for over 35 years.  With a population of over 20,000, Agoura Hills is situated between Los Angeles to the east, west and south, and Ventura County on its northern edge.

The Native American Chumash tribe lived in Agoura Hills 10,000 years ago, and were content to do so until the 18th century, when Franciscan missionaries from Spain established missions up and down the coast of what would become the 31st state in the Union on September 9, 1850. Earlier, the 1600 and 1700’s, upper California Spanish missions became connected to missions from Sonoma to Loreto to Baja in Mexico via the King’s Highway, which became known as the El Camino Real, traversing the center of what would later become the city of Agoura Hills.   Part of an original Spanish land grant, the natural spring of Ladyface Mountain made Agoura Hills a well-known stage stop on the Camino Real in the early 1900’s, leading to the nickname of Picture City in the 1920’s as Paramount Pictures created western silent films from its ranch there.  However, the naming of Agoura Hills was a rather more mundane matter, as in order to establish a post office the local residents had to choose a one word name.  They did so, misspelling the last name of Pierre Agoure, a French immigrant who ran a sheep ranch and had a colorful reputation among the natives.Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc is proud to service the residents of Agoura Hills today.

The Special Exigencies of Earthquake Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage against damage or destruction by earthquake is especially important for agents at Golden West Insurance Agency Inc., although insurance protection against property loss from earthquake is important in many areas of the world. Earthquake Insurance is available separately from the regular homeowners’ or rental policy, either as a separate endorsement or as stand-alone coverage. The deductibles on earthquake insurance can vary from 10% to 25% of existing structures insurance policy limits, and there may be separate deductibles for contents of structures, garages, sheds, driveways or retaining walls.

Earthquake coverage insurers have a number of criteria for offering the coverage, including the location of the home and property, whether or not the home is bolted to the foundation, the architecture and support of the interior walls of structures, legal braces and straps against tipping or overturning of appliances, limits on types of damage covered, exceptions or exclusions for damage from landslides, mudflows, foundation settling, and exceptions or exclusions of damage caused by floods and tidal waves as attendant results of earthquake events. Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. agents are thoroughly versed in the exigencies of earthquake coverage, and advise clients regularly as to coverage and limitation limits for earthquake events.

In general, Homeowners’ Insurance policies do not cover earthquake events, and supplementary earthquake insurance coverage generally features high deductibles. This renders earthquake insurance useful in the event of home destruction, but much less so if the home is only damaged. Golden West Insurance Agency Inc. has worked for over 35 years in homeowners’ insurance needs on the west coast, and thoroughly understands the legal and insurance industry regarding earthquake coverage.

General Liability Insurance Protection for Business and Contractors

A wide range of claims can come, from a variety of sources, in the area of liability. Small business, big business and contractors require as a matter of course, General Liability Insurance. Accidents, contracts, products and services could all be sources of liability claims, and the costs of liability insurance against such claims is determined by the amount of coverage the company selects, which can run into the millions. It is important to do cost comparisons on such coverages, as well as the specific details of various proposed plans, and in this regard the agent from Golden West Insurance Agency Inc. assists the client in choosing the plan which suits his or her individual needs. Specific plans known as commercial property insurance cover buildings and contents of the company contracted. This can include lost income, computers, money, valuable documents, and other specific losses from burglary, vandalism and fire, as well as natural catastrophes.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is carried by employers who require protection from employee claims from injuries. Such coverage protects employees by providing compensation for medical events incurred on the job, and protects the employer from lawsuits against such events.   Lost wages and medical bills which may occur due to accidents on the job, or illness related to the job, are protected under Workman’s Compensation Coverage. The agents of Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. are loyal to the coverage needs of employers, and ensure that all areas of possible liability are protected. The business customer comes first with Western Gold.

Accessing a Variety of Insurance Carriers For The Benefit of the Insurance 


An independent agent can access a variety of insurance carriers, and he or she evaluates each carrier’s rates, coverage options, special services and efficiency of claims service.   The client can make his or her final coverage selections knowing that the choice comes from complete research into a variety of options and services, from a variety of possible insurance companies, associated with Western Gold Insurance Company Inc.

An incomplete list of the insurance coverage companies which Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. has business ties with and long term business relationships includes Travelers, Hartford, AIG, Safeco, Allied, ACE, AmericanTrust, Cigna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Chubb, Commerce, Employers, Fireman’s Fund, First American, Foremost, Hagerty, Lexington, Liberty Mutual,  Mercury, Pacific Specialty, Progressive, Seneca,  Zurich, and Navigators.

Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. feels that car insurance coverage is comprised of two distinct parts: the liability, or financial responsibility of the client in the case of an injury to others, and the client’s needs for coverage for the vehicle itself.  Comprehensive coverage will pay on claims for fire, theft or other losses, while collision will cover accident costs.
Supplemental to these integral coverages, are medical, rental or other types of insurance coverage which may be mandated by the laws of individual states such as California, Arizona, Nevada and Washington, where Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. does business.  Agents at Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. may also recommend a policy with a higher deductible to help reduce premiums, and may advise the client regarding adequate coverage for auto liability in the case the client also utilizes umbrella insurance.

Advice on Auto Policies

Insurance agents know, commercial auto policies, unlike private passenger policies, aren’t regulated in terms of pricing, which ultimately leads to a price competition between insurance carriers when it comes to quality commercial automobile insurance. Our own expert insurance professionals provide business owners comparative and no-cost quotes on commercial auto insurance policies from a variety of reputable insurance carriers, insuring businesses receive the best selection, service, coverage and rates possible. Western Gold agents provide businesses and business owners a variety of options when it comes to their commercial insurance needs. Find out how much a commercial insurance auto plan can save you and your company by visiting or contacting an insurance agent today. This requirement is not only determined by the vehicle’s registration, but also by such factors as corporate ownership, the use of the vehicle for hauling goods for hire and the vehicle’s gross weight. One of those options is commercial auto insurance, a must-have for any company that owns and operates vehicles for any number of business purposes. This can be a major benefit to the commercial auto insurance buyer, who can take advantage of competitive rates, save money and rest assured in the knowledge that they are receiving high-quality commercial auto insurance protection.

Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc offers business owners the chance to compare quotes from multiple commercial auto insurance carriers at no cost to them. Commercial automobile policies are required, by law, under most circumstances where an automobile is used in a commercial capacity. They provide a fully comprehensive insurance experience that will leave you feeling that you are in capable and reliable hands.

If either a basic plan or a more comprehensive one, depending on each employee’s unique needs. If you own a business, and continue to field requests for a group dental insurance plan from your employees, perhaps it’s time to consider an insurance option through an insurance agency. Our experts provide employers the option of a dental buy-up plan, which affords the employer the opportunity to buy a base plan that employees can buy additional coverage for as needed.

Most dental plans in existence offer full coverage, including a 100% benefit for preventive cleanings and exams, 80% coverage for such basics as root canals and fillings and 50% coverage for major dental work, including such procedures as crowns, dentures, implants and more.

They provide the best selection of quality carriers, ensuring your firm receives the best rate possible. As their independent agents know, Group Dental Insurance is one of the most requested benefits of employees, and can be a great plan to offer the employees that are so crucial to your operation.

Many companies offer dental insurance to their employees, though a growing number of employers are making dental insurance a voluntary benefit, one paid completely by each employee through regular payroll deductions.

How to be Better Insured

Auto accidents, as many insurance professionals know, are generally the most common source of these claims, and a our expert's personal umbrella policy can work to supplement the individual’s existing auto policy with the extra million dollar layers of protection they need to best survive a costly lawsuit.

Though such occurrences are relatively rare, it is still possible to receive a lawsuit that asks for significantly sized compensation, making a comprehensive personal umbrella insurance policy a handy thing to have. Umbrella liability provides legal services which can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Though you may never be subject to a negligence claim in your lifetime, it’s important to know that you and your family are fully protected should something unfortunate and/or unexpected happen. As the expert insurance agents at our own personal company know, you don’t have to be wealthy to be sued for negligence, as individuals throughout the country continue to be involved in million dollar lawsuits in spite of not having the income, or the coverage, to cover the cost of potential damages.

Umbrella policies provide people low-cost ways to achieve peace of mind during a negligence claim, ensuring individuals have the coverage needed to protect themselves throughout the process. Remember that you cannot always anticipate what will happen in life, but you can be protected by reliable professionals. Having a paid tip top legal team is financially and psychologically vital to your well being.

Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc personal umbrella policies also cover numerous other types of catastrophic claims, including such examples as an accidental drowning in your pool or a slip and fall by someone on your property. For a no-cost comparison of personal umbrella insurance quotes from a variety of carriers, visit the website today.

Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. - Valuable Items Insurance

People’s possessions may hold far more value than they realize, and a homeowner’s insurance policy often doesn’t provide the level or type of coverage needed to protect the owner should their valuables be subject to damage or loss. This is why the professionals at Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. provide valuable items insurance solutions to their clients; insurance products that provide the additional coverage people need to protect their important possessions as comprehensively and effectively as possible.

Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. understands the importance of protecting the valuables you treasure the most, particularly those which have a particularly special or high net worth. A comprehensive valuable items insurance plan from Western Gold can cover a variety of property in your possession, including such items as oriental rugs, artwork, firearms, baseball cards, memorabilia, stamps, books, coins, furs, silverware, jewelry, musical instruments and much more. The Western Gold team seeks to put you mind at ease when it comes to protecting what you hold most dear, and to ensure you’re fully covered should something unexpected occur to the things you treasure most.

Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. offers free quotes on valuable items insurance plans to anyone seeking more comprehensive protection of their possessions. As representatives of some of the most financially stable and reputable insurance companies in the region and the country, Western Gold agents are able to bring a wide selection of great quality valuable items insurance coverage options to every client, offering unparalleled value and service to everyone in need.

Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. - Offering a Large Variety of Business Insurance Policies

At Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc., we understand that the last thing business owners want to fret over is their insurance needs. This is why we provide every business owner the opportunity to choose from a large variety of business insurance plans, each designed to eliminate that worry and to provide the owner the confidence and peace of mind they need to focus on what is truly important.

Commercial business insurance, such as that provided by Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc., provides a wide range of protection for your business, and for any subsidiaries, and comes in many types, including worker’s compensation, property, liability and more. Business insurance is an important thing to have for any business, and isn’t something that can be ignored or dismissed, as lack of protection can have potentially devastating consequences down the road.

Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. wants you to be confident in the insurance you choose to protect your company, as well as your own financial liability. As leaders in commercial insurance, they provide a large number of protection options for business owners to choose from, including builders risk, contractor’s liability, commercial property, commercial trucking, business owners package (BOP), Hotel & motel hospitality, restaurants and bars, liquor liability, kidnap & ransom, worker’s compensation, garage insurance, directors and officers liability, general liability, special event, product liability and many, many more.

For an extensive list of high-quality business insurance options to choose from, go with the proven insurance leaders at Western Gold. They have the insurance options you need to feel confident about your company.


The Biggest Complaint of Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc.

The biggest and most common customer complaints levied at Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. are the insurance proposal rates they provide to their clients. Many, if not most Western Gold customers, are shocked by just how low these proposal rates are, particularly because of the fact they are so dramatically lower than those they’ve been offered by the major-branded insurance companies their entire lives.

The “too good to be true” reaction to Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. proposal rates is due to the company’s unique ability to seek out the best high-rated and smaller-than-large insurance brand carriers, those that offer clients some of the best values in the industry. Western Gold, unlike major-branded carriers like Allstate, Farmers and State Farm, isn’t beholden to a 5 million to one billion dollar advertising budget, providing them the unique opportunity to search for and procure the superior-quality coverage clients deserve at a cost that is often up to 50% less than the major carrier plans.

Western Gold Insurance Agency Inc. professionals are no strangers to the incredulity their prospective clients often face when presented with superior-quality insurance options and coverages that are often far less expensive than those offered by major insurance carriers. An independent insurance firm that isn’t locked into a relationship with any one major carrier, the Western Gold team has their work cut out for them when trying to convince prospective clients that their amazing rate proposals are 100% true, accurate and absolutely guaranteed.